1859 Mutual

In the narrative of our growth, Pike Mutual has penned a new chapter, merging with Woodville Mutual, and rebranding as 1859 Mutual. For a glimpse into the next pages of our story, you’re invited to continue the journey with us at our new website. https://1859mutual.com

While property insurance coverage can provide financial protection if your home is damaged by severe weather, it’s still better to take steps to prevent damage in the first place. By taking a few preventative actions, you can reduce your risk of property damage, even from severe thunderstorms, blizzards, and other threats.


Basic household maintenance will go a long way in protecting your home from storm damage. Start by keeping your yard clear of loose belongings, such as lawn furniture, grills, or sporting equipment. During a severe windstorm, these could become dangerous airborne projectiles. You can also protect your property by installing storm shutters or reinforcing your entryway with steel doors.

Your roof should receive special attention. Regularly cleaning gutters and downspouts will keep clogs from forming. This will help you avoid gutter overflows and protect your walls and foundation from water damage. You should also remove loose or damaged branches from trees near your property to ensure they don’t come down on your house during a storm.


A few simple measures can also improve your home security to reduce your risk of theft. Double checking that your doors or windows are locked before you leave home will eliminate one of the easiest access points for burglars. You may also wish to install a household security system, such as a camera-equipped doorbell to further enhance security.

Property insurance is meant to provide coverage in case of emergencies. But for most people, it’s much less stressful to not need to file a claim with their insurance company in the first place! By following these preventative steps, you can improve your home’s safety and security and reduce your risk.