Your property, lifestyle, and needs can be vastly different from those of your neighbor. So why would you settle for a cookie-cutter insurance policy that is almost an exact replica of what the people next door are getting? Working with an independent agent will provide a lot of value by helping you craft a personalized policy at the best possible price.


At Pike Mutual, our team can help you put together a policy that is specifically tailored to your needs. With coverage options that include farm structures and buildings, owner occupied mobile homes, and rental properties–we can design a policy based on how you actually use your property.


At Pike Mutual, we focus exclusively on insuring real property like farms and homes. This allows us to offer more competitive pricing through a specialized focus on these areas. Our independent agents will help you find the best insurance provider for your other assets and liabilities.


Pike Mutual is perfectly sized to support you and our independent agents with personalized customer service. You will be able to work with a dedicated agent who you can go to when you have questions or concerns.

Don’t settle for the impersonal style of corporate insurance. By working with an independent agent through Pike Mutual, you will get the personalized care and attention you deserve to ensure that you get the best policy for your needs.