For property owners to get the best possible coverage for their home or farm, working with a quality agent is an absolute must. This is why at Pike Mutual, we go to great lengths to connect with great insurance agents. But that’s not all — we also develop tools to help agents deliver the right type of coverage to our customers. Here’s how it’s done.


Our insurance agents get personal attention from Pike Mutual’s leadership team. We meet personally with our agents as part of the initial vetting process to ensure that they are capable of providing expert advice to clients. Providing personal attention to agents sets the standard for how they should provide personal care to clients.


At Pike Mutual, we work with a wide range of independent insurance agents. It doesn’t matter whether the office is big or small. What matters is that their philosophy lines up with our vision. A united focus on truly assisting our mutual members with personalized coverage ensures that our customers’ most valuable assets get the protection they need.


Once we elect to work with a particular agent, we follow through by providing training on the unique offerings and services that are available through Pike Mutual. We train our agents to ensure that our customers are taken care of with a customized policy that meets their unique needs.