On October 16, 2019, Pike Mutual held its Annual Agents Meeting. With 17 agencies and 23 agents in attendance, this meeting presented a great opportunity for Pike Mutual to show its appreciation to agents, while also providing a more in-depth look as to what is happening within the company.


A key element of the Annual Agents Meeting — and in Pike Mutual’s daily practices — is agent development. We believe in giving agents the resources they need to succeed. To achieve this goal, we work with agents by listening to the challenges they are facing and helping them develop solutions. Our team is available on a first-name basis, a call or email away. Naturally, the Annual Agents Meeting presents a great opportunity to continue this ideal in person.


2019 was a big year for Pike Mutual. We started using Aisus Online Rating Software, which streamlines the application process by putting all documents in one place and generating accurate quotes with a faster turnaround time. We received a Demotech Rating of “A, Exceptional,” validating that Pike Mutual Insurance Company has excellent financial stability. 

New rating enhancements and discounts (such as a new roof discount) offer further benefits to policyholders. Quarterly agency incentives and an updated process for agency notifications after claim submissions improve work for agents. All of these changes help make our team better than ever.


Within a mutual company, the members are the stakeholders. This makes financial transparency an absolute must. We are extremely proud to have received an “A, Exceptional” rating from Demotech, but we want members to always be aware of our financial standing. The financial rating embedded on our homepage is a live feed from the rating company, and we are unable to change it. Whatever our rating may be, you’ll be able to see it on the homepage for full transparency.

If there’s one “big takeaway” from the Annual Agents Meeting, it’s that Pike Mutual continues to prioritize the success of both agents and policyholders.  Working towards solutions helps everyone succeed.