1859 Mutual

In the narrative of our growth, Pike Mutual has penned a new chapter, merging with Woodville Mutual, and rebranding as 1859 Mutual. For a glimpse into the next pages of our story, you’re invited to continue the journey with us at our new website. https://1859mutual.com

Here at Pike Mutual, we are big believers in working with independent agents. Why? Because independent agents work with your best intentions in mind, helping you craft a policy that is uniquely suited to your needs. Here’s how getting a policy quote through Pike Mutual works.


It should come as no surprise that getting a quote starts by choosing an agent. You can use our agent search tool to find the independent agents and agencies that work with Pike Mutual. Each of our agents has been educated on the benefits, limitations, and options that are available for the insurance products they offer. This way, each agent has the tools they need to develop the best possible insurance package for your needs.


Our independent agents haven’t just received training to help them complete their work. We’ve also made upgrades to our quoting software so agents can get a quote faster than ever before. Of course, to get a quote, your agent will need to collect some information from you first.

With our network of independent agents, getting a quote through Pike Mutual is fast and simple. Pick an agent today to get started with your own policy quote!