Insurance companies are known for not being very flexible — especially when it comes to property coverage. The policy specifically states the terms, coverage, and premium, and the property owner has little say in the matter. While Pike Mutual needs to have similar guidelines in place, we are more flexible than you might expect. Here’s why.


As our name implies, we are a mutual insurance company. This means we are owned by our customers. Your feedback matters to us, because not only are you a customer, but you are also a member. This means we actively listen to suggestions and ideas for improving our product lines. We truly value the feedback we get from our customer-owners, because it helps us know how we can better meet your needs.


Of course, a key part of helping homeowners and farm owners is offering unique policy-writing initiatives. We provide in-depth training resources to our agents so they know what options are available and can offer more customizable solutions.

One example of our custom policies is that in rare cases, we allow you to insure your property for less than its replacement value. If you don’t plan on replacing part of a structure if a loss occurs, we want your policy to reflect that. This can help you save money on your policy and ensure you don’t pay for more than you actually need.

By actively listening to our members and focusing on the needs of our customers, our agents are better equipped to provide custom solutions for your situation. Whether you are a typical homeowner or you own a farm or rental property, we can help you find a policy custom-tailored to your needs.