At Pike Mutual, we understand that we are only as strong as our independent agents. That’s why we strive to develop mutually supportive relationships. Through the years, we’ve learned that this is the best way to provide great insurance and service to our customers.


We know each of our independent agents on a first-name basis. We take time to learn about their communities and listen to their needs so we can better work together. Our team is readily available to agents via phone or email, and we also hold an Annual Agents Meeting to continue this relationship face to face.


Consistent communication is key for helping everyone stay on the same page, especially when there are changes or updates that affect the way our agents work. In addition to routine newsletters, we utilize technology to get information out quickly when needed.


We want to make sure our independent agents and agencies have the tools they need to succeed. That is why our Annual Agents Meeting largely serves as a developmental and educational forum. We help agents come up with solutions to problems they are facing, go over pertinent information, and provide education about what is new with Pike Mutual and the industry as a whole. This gives agents the tools they need to succeed.

By cultivating strong relationships with the independent agents and agencies we partner with, we can ensure better outcomes for our policyholders. Strengthening these important relationships ultimately creates a win-win for everyone.