The internet has brought about many helpful advances, but it has also introduced new threats — including to the world of insurance. Financial fraud and other cyber security hazards can dramatically disrupt your life. To that end, each Pike Mutual policy includes access to a fraud specialist. By using our resources and taking basic preventative steps, you can stay safe online.


Identity theft occurs every few seconds. Fraudsters will often use fraudulent emails or links to take over your computer or gain access to personal information. Quite often, scams will be seasonal in nature, playing off current events to prey on vulnerable individuals. For example, following the recent government stimulus payments, scammers tried to convince individuals that they needed to provide their social security number to receive their payment. Always be wary of such unsolicited requests.


You must be proactive in protecting yourself from scams. Never open emails from a suspicious sender. Do not click on any links in an email that seems questionable. Do not provide personal information in response to an unsolicited email.

Many scammers will attempt to imitate official company communications. To reduce your risk, double check the sender’s email address to confirm whether it is actually from the company. Work with trustworthy companies that use robust cyber security measures to reduce these risks. Such companies will usually have a fraud hotline that you can contact to determine if an email is legitimate or not.

By exercising caution in your online activities, you can greatly reduce your risk of cyber fraud, malware attacks, and other threats. Don’t make cyber security an afterthought — it will save you a lot of stress and worry in the future.