As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate as you try to provide a good environment for your renters. However, one thing you cannot overlook is property insurance. You shouldn’t simply hope that your tenants’ renter’s insurance policy will cover all potential liabilities. This is where Pike Mutual can help you protect your property.


No two rental properties are alike, and as such, your shouldn’t settle for “one size fits all” property insurance coverage. Work alongside an independent agent to conduct a thorough review of your property. By evaluating factors that could increase or decrease your risk of a loss, you can get a policy crafted to your unique needs.


As part of protecting your rental property, it is suggested to update your lease agreement to clearly define the renter’s insurance coverage requirements. Always verify proof of insurance with your renters to minimize your financial risk.


Rental properties can serve as a lifelong investment if they are protected and maintained properly. In case of sudden & accidental instances, we strongly recommend carrying coverage for all of your dwellings to minimize your liability and the risk of financial setbacks caused if a property loss were to occur.

An adequate property insurance policy gives you peace of mind as you rent out your property. Contact one of our independent agents today to learn more about your available coverage options.