Whether the result of a storm or a fire, you never know when damage might strike your property. In addition to taking steps to prevent further damage to your property, submitting a claim is going to be a high priority after a loss. Here at Pike Mutual, we’ve taken great strides to make it easy to fill out your claim.


You can now complete your insurance claim online using our handy online form. This form is readily accessible via your desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This system allows us to review claims by the next business day after your submission.


The more detailed information you can provide when submitting your claim, the better. The name and address of the insured, as well as contact information for the person reporting the loss, are all required.

In addition to a description of the property loss, filers should also include the date/time of the loss, type of loss, whether the incident was reported to police or the fire department, and whether you were the mortgagee on the property or had other applicable insurance. The form walks you through each of these items so no required information is left out.


After submitting your claim with Pike Mutual, we recommend contacting your independent agent so they can follow up with us. Remember, your agent works for you — getting them involved early on will help streamline the rest of the claims process.

By filing a claim in a timely manner, you will be able to get the compensation you need to cover your losses that much sooner. Don’t wait to start this important process!