Whether you own a house, farm, or rental property, getting property insurance is an absolute must. As a mutual, our members who pay insurance premiums gain access to high-quality insurance coverage that offers financial protection in case of disaster. Here’s a closer look at how property insurance works.


Property insurance helps cover events that result in catastrophic loss — or even a total loss. This includes events like a house fire or damage that is caused by a severe thunderstorm. It does not cover routine maintenance items — those are things you need to take care of yourself to keep your property in good condition.


Your property insurance premium doesn’t sit in a bank account, where it waits for you to use it. Your premium is essentially your “membership” that guarantees that the provider will cover your loss as per the details in your policy — with coverage that goes well beyond what you pay for your premium. You won’t get a bigger payout or have deductibles waived by going without claims for several years. However, you can work with your agent to make adjustments to these items in your policy.


While property insurance will provide the money needed to help complete repairs to your home after a catastrophic loss, you are still responsible for selecting contractors. Build up a list of preferred contractors so you will know who to work with when you need to file a claim.

By understanding what your property insurance does for you, you’ll be able to respond quickly and appropriately in the aftermath of a catastrophic loss. Contact one of our independent agents today to learn more about your coverage options.