Our pets are members of our family that depend on us for their every need. Have you ever thought about what you would do with your pets if you were to lose power for a period of time or be temporarily displaced from your home in the case of a disaster?


We might be able to go to a hotel or stay with our great aunt if we needed to, but will our pets be welcomed into these places as well? It is best that if you leave your home that you take your pets with you if at all possible. Do not tie them up outside, as they can become afraid and escape. Before the need presents itself, find a friend that would be willing to take them in, or familiarize yourself with pet boarding or pet-friendly lodging options.


Just as we keep emergency kits to care for the human members of our family, don’t forget to collect the necessities for your pets as well. Keep a stash of unexpired canned food, a manual can opener and food dishes for each pet. When you are collecting fresh water stores for your family, be sure to account for the water needs of your pets. Keep a leash, a collar and a first-aid kit. Have a copy of veterinary records and if your pet requires an ID, be sure to keep it on them at all times – especially their license & rabies vaccination tags. And don’t forget sanitation supplies for your pets, such as newspapers, kitty litter, etc.

Making plans now for the care of your pets during an unforeseen event will make it easier when the time comes to keep the entire family safe and together.