1859 Mutual

In the narrative of our growth, Pike Mutual has penned a new chapter, merging with Woodville Mutual, and rebranding as 1859 Mutual. For a glimpse into the next pages of our story, you’re invited to continue the journey with us at our new website. https://1859mutual.com

Now that spring has arrived, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the mild weather to do an annual maintenance check-up on your home. Keeping a clean house helps keep your property in tip top shape. This list should help you to know what to look for, both inside and out.



  • Walk-around Inspection – Take a walk around your property and check for any damage that may have occurred during the winter. Things to look for include loose/damaged shingles, cracks in the chimney, damaged wood or trim, or signs of animal/pest intrusion. If you have a deck, check the boards, and repair any loose or damaged deck boards.
  • Clean up – Clean and rinse the outside of your home and remove any brush left over from the previous season.
  • Gutters – Clean any debris out of the gutters. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, hire a professional gutter cleaning service. Gutters that are allowed to fill up with debris are likely to cause damage to the fascia and or foundation, and could lead to leaks inside the home.
  • Lawn Mower Maintenance – Check the mower blade for damage, and if it needs sharpening, have that done by a professional.



  • Spring Cleaning – Grease buildup can be a fire hazard; clean areas such as the top/back/sides of appliances, and the tops and insides of cabinets.
  • Change or Clean Filters – Popular places include air purifiers, humidifiers, whole-home water filters, refrigerator water filters, shower filters, vacuum cleaners, furnace filters, range hood filters, and dryer filters/vents.
  • Attic & Basement – If you have an attic and/or a basement check them for any signs of dampness, leaks, mold or pests.
  • Plumbing – Do a once-over of the appliances and fixtures in your home that use plumbing (dishwasher, hot water heater, refrigerator, toilets, sinks, etc.) Check for signs of leaks, make sure fittings are solid and not loose, and replace anything that looks worn. (Or call a professional.) Fix any leaky faucets or running toillets.
  • Electrical – Check for frayed wires, loose outlets and overloaded extension cords/outlets.
  • Fire Safety – If you haven’t already, change the batteries in smoke alarm and CO2 detectors.  Make sure pressure in fire extinguishers is in the green range.