Many people, even those living in urban areas or suburbs, have discovered the enjoyment and therapeutic benefits that small-scale farming can bring to their lives. Even though a small-scale hobby farm is not a business venture, but a hobby, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your investment.



Seen in many sizes and varieties, a hobby farm is any type of farm that is not used as a primary source of income for your family. This farm can be either animals, crops or both. There is a difference between a farm that is a business and the sole source of your livelihood and a farm that allows you to sell some products on the side. A hobby farm is primarily used for enjoyment and often has the added benefit of feeding your own family and letting you sell some extra on the side. If you’re trying to run your farm as a business and make enough money to completely eliminate the need for other sources of income, then your farm is no longer a hobby farm.



Do you have equipment, structures or livestock that you have invested in? Do you plan to sell any of the products produced from your farm at local farmers market or produce stand? Hobby Farm insurance can give you the extra coverage to make up the gaps where your homeowner’s policy will not be sufficient.  You may even eventually wish to transition your small-scale farm into a business venture. Your independent agent can help you determine what milestones indicate a need for a policy update to be sure you are sufficiently protected, no matter what the stage of your farm is.