Few things can cause greater damage to your home than a water leak. This is because quite often, a leak can go undetected for a long time, allowing damage to spread throughout the structure. Fortunately, new technology is being introduced to reduce the risk posed by leaks.


Believe it or not, your smartphone could help you uncover hidden water leaks. Apps such as Leak Calculator and iQuarius use tools such as noise analysis and GPS positioning to help you locate the exact location of a leak so you can make timely repairs. The Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor lets you place smart sensors near potential sources of moisture, and then sends an instant alert to your smartphone if water is detected.


Smart water systems are now available from a wide variety of companies, allowing for remote monitoring and control of your water fixtures and even the water main. For example, Flo by Moen offers a wide array of fixture monitoring and shutoff tools. Its Smart Water Shutoff appliance automatically tests the quality of the interior plumbing every day and automatically shuts off the water supply during an emergency. Another option is the LeakSmart app, which lets you turn off your home’s water main from your smartphone, while also using sensors to monitor temperature fluctuations and other warning signs of a leak.

Clearly, there are many options available to help you detect and respond to water leaks. Finding the right fit for your property could lower your insurance costs and ultimately help you avoid expensive water claims in the future.