Halloween can be a lot of fun — but there can also be a fair number of hazards associated with this holiday. Following a few key safety practices will keep your home safe as you welcome trick-or-treaters.


As you’re setting up your Halloween decorations, be sure to remove leaves and other obstacles from the yard. A clear path to your front porch will reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents that you could be held liable for. Turn the lights on if you plan on handing out candy so kids and their parents can see where they’re going.


While jack-o-lanterns are traditionally lit with a real candle, they could easily trigger a fire if a child or pet knocks over the flame. Battery-powered lights are now readily available so you can take a “set it and forget it” approach with your jack-o-lantern.


Unfortunately, Halloween is also a popular time for vandalism and pranks. Installing a home security system and motion sensor lights will discourage teens from pranks such as egging your home or TP-ing your yard. If you are going to be out of town for the holiday, let your neighbors know so they can watch out for any suspicious activity.

Whether you’ll be taking your little ones trick-or-treating or simply plan on handing out candy at the front door, prepping your property will give you peace of mind as you celebrate Halloween.