The average homeowner keeps a wide variety of flammable liquids on their property — and quite often, they aren’t even fully aware of their potential hazards. By understanding which liquids pose a fire hazard, you can take steps to store them safely and reduce your risk. 

Common Household Flammable Liquids

There are a surprising number of flammable liquids in the average home. Many people keep cans of gasoline for their lawn mower. Rubbing alcohol, nail polish, and aerosol cans may be found in the bathroom. Other common flammable liquids include lighter fluid, cooking oil, heating oil, and products such as WD-40.

Safe Storage Tips

Where you store flammable liquids matters. Whether these items are stored inside or outside, they should always be kept away from potential ignition sources. Exposure to high temperatures  from a heating unit, open flame, or even seasonal changes could cause these liquids to combust. Ideally, flammable liquids should be stored in a dark, cool room with good ventilation, as this makes high air temperature (which can lead to combustion) unlikely. Always store these liquids in the appropriate containers. 

By making fire prevention a priority, you can greatly lower your risk of property damage. If you do experience a house fire, be sure to submit a claim to your Pike Mutual agent as soon as possible. Timely filing will ensure faster processing so you can get your life back to normal.