Among the many reasons why people get home insurance is to protect themselves financially in case of a burglary. Of course, as with many other challenges in life, it is much easier (and less stressful) to prevent such incidents than it is to recover from them. Following some simple guidelines will make your home a much tougher target. 

Improve Security at Entry Points

Doors and windows can be a significant security vulnerability. Exterior entry doors should have deadbolt locks, as well as reinforced hinges and doorjambs. Locks that have a Grade 1 ANSI rating offer the greatest security. Patio doors can be secured with a key lock or by inserting a metal rod in the door channel. Always keep windows locked. Prune bushes and trees near the house to eliminate hiding spots. Security cameras and motion detecting lights can also deter burglars.

Make it Hard to Identify When You’re Away

Unsurprisingly, most burglaries occur when the homeowners are away from home. As such, you should make it seem like your home is always occupied — especially when away on trips. Setting lights on automatic timers (particularly for outdoor lighting) can give the illusion that you are still home. Park cars inside the garage so others can’t tell when you are away from home. Schedule yard care and put your mail on hold if you will be away for more than a week.

While there is no 100% foolproof way to deter burglars, taking these steps will make them less likely to target your home. Of course, if your property suffers a break-in, you can expect quality support from your Pike Mutual agent.