4 Ways to Protect Your Home During a Storm

Submitted by Pike Mutual on Mon, 11/15/2021 - 8:00am
5 Ways to Protect Your Home During a Storm

While you can’t always predict the weather, you can take steps to prepare before a severe storm strikes. From summer thunderstorms to winter blizzards, there are plenty of ways Mother Nature can attack your property. Some basic preparation will provide added protection to reduce the risk of damages.

  1. Trim Trees

Strong winds and heavy snows will often cause large tree branches to snap off, and could even bring down some trees entirely. Trimming branches that overhang your roof or nearby power lines will reduce the risk of major damage during a storm.


  1. Have a Backup Power Supply

Extreme weather could leave you without power for several days. A whole-home generator will allow you to power essential appliances during an extended outage while you wait for the grid to be restored.


  1. Store Outdoor Items

If you know a storm is on the way, clear lawn furniture, toys, and other objects out of the yard. High winds could turn them into airborne hazards. Storing these items indoors will reduce the risk of injury and property damage.


  1. Flood Risk

Remember: flood coverage is almost always NOT covered as part of your standard homeowners insurance policy.


Flooding can cause widespread damage to your property. If you live in a flood-prone area, you should talk to your agent for flood coverage options in your area. Simple steps, such as sloping landscaping so water runs away from your home or waterproofing your basement, will also protect your home from surface water damage.


Even with these and other preparatory steps, you never know when a storm might cause significant damage to your property. Quality property insurance is an absolute must to provide financial protection against such damages. Check with a Pike Mutual agent to review your coverage so you can have peace of mind.