Items Your Policy May Not Cover

Submitted by Pike Mutual on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 9:00am
Signing insurance policy

As valuable as property insurance may be, your policy likely will not cover every type of issue your home could face. Understanding what is and isn’t covered by a standard home insurance policy will help you better plan for your specific needs.

The Importance of Policy Endorsements

Many homeowners insurance policies limit or exclude coverage for certain types of events. Commonly excluded incidents include earthquakes, sewer backups, flooding, and general maintenance issues, such as wear and tear. Review your policy carefully so you know what incidents are and are not included as part of your base policy. If your property is at risk for any excluded hazards, adding an endorsement (or rider) to your policy will ensure that you have coverage for such incidents. 

Be Mindful of Special Limits

Special limits apply to certain categories within your home insurance policy, specifying the maximum amount your insurance company is willing to pay should you file a claim. Special limits are most commonly applied to high dollar personal items, such as jewelry, antiques, or guns. Debris removal and sewer backups are other areas commonly subjected to special limits. 

Understanding which portions of your policy are subject to special limits is essential for knowing how much of a payout you can expect to receive when filing a claim.

Why Find an Agent

Navigating policy endorsements and special limits can be confusing, but not when you work with a qualified agent. An agent will answer your questions and help you craft a policy that fully addresses the needs specific to your property. Find an agent today so you can get started!


By understanding the type of coverage you need and working with an agent to craft an appropriate policy, you will be better prepared to protect your property.