Learn More About Protecting Your Identity

Submitted by Pike Mutual on Fri, 07/19/2019 - 9:00am
Protect you identity

Identity theft is a serious problem in today’s society, with American consumers experiencing a total of $18 billion in fraud losses in 2013 alone. On average, victims suffer a loss of $2,294, which can prove financially devastating for those with tight budgets. Because of this, LifeStages Identity Management Services through Pike Mutual can serve as an important investment for your clients’ future.

What Does This Service Offer?

LifeStages Identity Management Services are designed to take a proactive approach to prevent and quickly mitigate fraudulent activity. From replacing lost or stolen documents to navigating the complexities of tax and medical fraud, this service is designed to ensure that your clients’ identities and financial assets are always protected. 

Pike Mutual actively enrolls in this service to protect its customers as a value-added feature. 

How Can You Encourage Clients to Use This Service?

While LifeStages Identity Management Services can offer significant protection to your clients, many fail to take advantage of it because they do not fully understand it. As an agent, you can help your clients understand that these services are available at no additional cost to eligible policyholders. Agents should also be aware of opportunities in client conversations when they can encourage clients to speak with a fraud specialist. 

As clients use these value-added services, they will be better equipped to avoid the negative consequences that can come from fraud and identity theft.

Peace of Mind

From digital malware to break-ins, there are countless threats that could result in identity theft. By providing easy access to identity management and remediation, you can help your clients have peace of mind.