What Are Identity Management Services?

Submitted by Pike Mutual on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 3:30pm
Identity management services

In today’s modern world there are more ways than ever for thieves to commit theft or fraud by stealing our identity. 

Protect Your Identity

Identity management services help protect your identity and livelihood from fraud cases which can ruin what we have built over a lifetime. Eligible policyholders with Pike Mutual Insurance Company can benefit from a no-cost, value-added service from LifeStages, which helps prevent and react to identity theft. 

Contacting a Fraud Specialist 

If you believe there has been an issue, you simply contact a fraud specialist who can provide assistance until the problem has been resolved. And since Lifestages services are not an insurance product, you don’t need to file an insurance claim.

Lifestages identity management services

These services can help you in many different situations to protect your identity. If you believe your information has been compromised, it can help you take preventative measures to guard yourself. If you believe tax fraud or financial fraud has been committed using your information, or even with the information of your child, this service can help. 

If your home, boat, or automobile has been broken into and your personal information is at stake, you can contact a fraud specialist to help you through the process.